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myReplay is an audio cart style app with 5 sound playback hotkeys for the iPhone, iPod and iPad devices.



2014-01-03 16.26.59Each hotkey has control over its own load to add a song from your iPod/music library, control the volume, pan: center, left or right, rate: the speed of the song, inf. loop or single play, seek in time, and pause/stop/Replay function . When you touch the word “Pan” it will set center, left or right. When you touch the word “Rate” it  will reset the rate back to normal speed.

You can change the start and end time by moving the slider or typing in the time by touching the time for start or end time.

Set the fade out time by moving the slider from 1 second to 10 seconds.





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The “Dark” button will set the colors to a dark theme and the Lock button prevent unwanted changes.

Devamp: when you have the end time set before the end of the song and set to loop;  touch the devamp button and the song will play past the end set time to complete the song.

Fade All: will fade out and stop all 5 tracks.

Stop All: will stop all tracks instantly.

IMG_3033  Working with the cloud? Sorry but all songs must be downloaded to your device to work with myReplay.


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